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HR motivation research

MOTIVIEW benefits are evident!


Effectively Managed Motivation links the organisational goals of the Company with the personal motives of the employee. Motivated employees contribute their best Abilities, Energy and Skills to the Company, increasing its Competitiveness and Efficiency. While non-motivated ones will only executive there given instructions without thought to the results or the future. Although wages are a very important factor they are not the only or more importantly the most important motivational tools.


The foundation of Effective Management Motivation is its exploration of Resource and Practice Development. The online MOTIVIEW service collects and analyses in a single database the entire array of employee motivations in a Fast, Cost-Effective, Reliable and most importantly Secure way, as well as helps to identify problems and potential for the improvement.



  • MOTIVIEW is focused on the motivation survey and impact on business processes. It covers a wide range of needs and  measures them in five angles, combining several science-based theories. 
  • Using employee perception MOTIVIEW highlights untapped potential, strengths and weaknesses of the existing structure and indicates and suggests improvements.
  • As MOTIVIEW is managed by a Neutral party it reduces employee distrust and increases objectivity by gaining more realistic factual data.



  • MOTIVIEW saves time as the questionnaire is already prepared and therefore can be quickly distributed among participants.
  • MOTIVIEW’S data manipulation allows you to analyze results in Groups as well as view any or all historical changes. MOTIVIEW contains built-in algorithms for deep analytical analysis of the data in Text or Graphical forms. Results can be viewed as an Entity, Branch or even Department, and can be Sorted and Viewed on any of the Search parameters. 


It's quick! Save time.

  • MOTIVIEW saves time in all areas of the review process Preparation, Undertaking and Processing, and the MOTIVATIONAL PORTRAIT a catchall graphical report highlights both Group and Personal data immediately after completion of the survey. 
  • The analysis is automatically provided in the form of tables and graphs immediately upon completion of the survey.



  • Total survey for larger companies are cost-effective now! Our pricing policy is adaptive for any customer needs, with lowest cost from 1 EUR per 1 respondent questionnaire.
  • MOTIVIEW helps to make Cost Reduction process less stressfull for the staff and more effective for the Company, providing the ability to use the features of motivation in each department.
  • HR professionals and leaders spared the routine processing of hundreds of papers, but armed with a tool allowing to identify problems, potential stress and focus on solving the priority tasks of HR - performance management, structural changes and maintaining involvement. 


The survey in any part of the world, and any language!

  • MOTIVIEW is a Multilingual Globally accessible service. Multilingual results are compatible together and available in any desirable language.
  • MOTIVIEW is available in the language(s) of your choice so participants and analysts can undertake the questionnaire in their own language or several languages. Conduct a study in several languages, and provide the results in terms of headquarters - easy!



  • MOTIVIEW results are confidential and are protected by tools within the program and guarantee within the contract. System results can only be viewed as a array of impersonal data in either ‘Global’ or ‘Regional’ sectors. It is also possibly for each user to view information from the survey if specified.


Motiview.NETwork support.

  • MOTIVIEW offers user support with detailed in-depth instructions and back-up support by email, Phone, Video and Webinars.
  • Social Network Forums are also available (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, VKontakte) for information exchange and experiences.


All this increases the efficiency of HR.


MOTIVIEW also saves on the office paperwork helping the Environment at the same time ;)









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