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Convinient tool

Исследование мотивации персонала

MOTIVIEW task is to collect and analyze full information of Employees Motivation and reports Accurately, Easily, Honestly and Quickly. Survey uses 35 points which cover full range of motives:


Basic compensation

  • Basic Salary

  • Benefits and Privileges provided by the Company

  • Stability and warranty provisions related to work

Working time

  • Work Schedule

  • The Distance employee need to travel to work

  • Ability to work outside the enterprise or from home

Safety and equipment

  • Health & Safety, work place safety

  • Technical support, workplace equipment for good performance

  • Consumer comfort of the workplace


  • The fame of the company or its brands

  • The prestige and social recognition of the profession

  • The recognition of your merits and professionalism, credibility among colleagues

Atmosphere within the work place

  • Relationships within the team

  • Open discussion of issues and exchange of views in a within the team

  • Professionalism of the team

  • Confidence in the leadership

  • Corporate Events 

Personal growth

  • The possibility of Training and Professional development

  • Career Opportunities, Personal fulfillment

  • The ability to expand the circle of friends

Features of interest or Job Requirements

  • Interesting work

  • The competitiveness in the collective 

  • Speed and activity

  • Concentration and stress

  • Creativity, the search for new solutions and experiments

Оrderliness in the Company

  • Compliance of the work and your skills

  • Clarity of Company structure

  • Goals and Objectives settings

  • Clear job descriptions and performance standards

  • Clarity assess the contribution of each employee, periodic validation

Justice, equity

  • Involvement in Company planning

  • The awareness of what is happening in the Company

  • Meeting expectations about work content

  • Meeting expectations about rewards

  • Dependence of the rewards on performance

All 35 points considered in five views: Relevance, Character, Contentment, Significance and Substainability. 


  • Separate engagement factors from just motivating by “yes or no” marking

  • Clarify importance for each factor by scale

  • Define support or stimulation character of each factor by scale

  • Estimate level of each factor satisfaction by scale


MOTIVIEW simplifies analysis by using unique catch-all ‘Motivational Portrait’ chart to graphical show the integrated results of the survey, available for any department or entire company. It looks a bit complicated at the first sight, but makes analysis easier due to the integration of 4 charts in 1.






















To give surveyor exact understanding of factor influence we ask respondents to estimate every factor in 4 dimensions:

  • Separate engagement factors from just motivating by “yes or no” marking
  • Clarify importance for each factor by scale
  • Define support or stimulation character of each factor by scale
  • Estimate level of each factor satisfaction by scale


*Sometimes customers prefer to use their own list of factors to explore, so we have customization which allows changing the list of factors according to customer wish, and rephrase questions as well.


+ Additional question “Do you believe this survey is able to improve situation in your company?” offers 5 possible answers: Yes / Rather yes / I do not know / Rather no / No  


*Customization allows changing existing or/and adding 2 more questions

+ Additional open questions ‘Please let us know what worries you most about your work.’ and ‘Please inform that you are most pleased with the work.’ offer employees to clarify their opinions regarding issues they consider the most important.


*Customization allows changing existing or/and adding 3 more questions


Usually, the interviewee needs around 15-30 minutes to fill out the questionnaire, which moves to the general database and is ready for analysis immediately after answering the last question. If questionnaire was filled quicker that 6 minutes it is marked as suspicious, and may be excluded from the results further.


Recommendations report

If the factor is of high importance and satisfaction level is low, the system provides a number of standard recommendations for each specific cast of survey participants. As a conclusion, the customer gets specific action plan for targeted activities at each element of the business structure.




Thus, MOTIVIEW allows getting detailed information about the problems in each element of the organizational structure, and provides a ready-made basis for targeted work to increase staff motivation and involvement.


Using MOTIVIEW the Company gets comprehensive information and analysis in Easy, Quick, and Economy effective way.



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