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HR motivation research
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MOTIVIEW has been developed as an efficient tool to Simplify, Speed Up and Reduce Costs of the collecting of objective information regarding the internal motivational environment of the company, starting with the preparation and conduct of the survey, together with the processing of the results and ending it with the reports.


MOTIVIEW uses employee perceptions to get complex diagnosis of the motivational environment and help identify Process and Structural Problems within the company.  


MOTIVIEW is a versatile technical tool for HR professional in their day to day work indicating and suggesting improvements in Personal and Working Process and helping in Consulting and Recruiting requirements.

For Larger Companies

MOTIVIEW allows you to engage each individual employee in the survey at minor cost and quickly analyze the impact of Motivational Factors on the Company, Branch, Department, Selected Group (or Groups), or the individual level. The gathered information provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation within the Company and has greater value than independent local studies. 


For Companies with Remote Locations

MOTIVIEW makes it possible to carry out research at the same time Efficiently and Cost Effectively regardless of Language or Location. It also allows objective evaluation of local HR Advantages or Disadvantages, improving and unifying effective experiences in the fields of Motivation and Effective HR Management and its impact on Financial Results.


For Recruiting Companies

MOTIVIEW Motivational Portraits tool saves time during the Survey, Interview, Analysis and Candidate process.


For Consulting Companies

MOTIVIEW opens up new opportunities for Companies of any size or structure, as Motivational Counselling Services are now more attractive due to automation and the reduced cost of research. Stored information created as a result of the overall research base will deliver an objective tool for comparing influences of factors by Industry or Region.


For Individual Experts

MOTIVIEW opens up new opportunities for development not only due to its Automation, Cost Reduction and Speed but also due to the increased use of digital tools.









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